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A Reiki session is extremely relaxing and beneficial for emotional and physical wellbeing.


Reiki is taught for self-help and for sharing with friends and family.

The practitioner level is also taught in a straightforward natural way.


Reiki’s energy is available to us all and offers deep relaxation and is simple to use.


The main aim of Reiki is to bring about balance in mind, body and spirit to improve wellbeing No belief system is necessary









Life and Balance - Simple, effective tools for emotional and physical wellbeing



Bach flower remedies

T'ai Chi Chih is easy to learn and practise - promotes various health benefits and is extremely relaxing.


For students who regularly practise, TCC helps to improve balance and co-ordination, flexibility and strength with increased energy levels and stamina .


They feel calmer and less stressed, have improved mental clarity and focus and increased creativity.

Bach flower remedies support change and balance.

Similar to other talking therapies, you will discover how easy it is to feel happier using Bach flower remedies. Self-awareness is increased and limiting self-beliefs and personality traits will be discovered and re-balanced leaving you happier and more able to enjoy life; feeling more relaxed and peaceful in mind and body.


A talking therapy with a ‘twist’       The key to self-awareness and happiness

 Moving, mindful meditation 

Reiki                   Natural balance

From children and young adults to the elderly and frail,T’ai Chi Chih may support you in other activities like sport, at work or for those with learning difficulties.


T’ai Chi Chih is always done within your own capabilities and at your own pace.